At ABC123 Pediatric Dentistry, we offer a variety of services to care for your child’s mouth. If you have any questions or would like more information about how we can care for your child’s teeth and mouth, please contact us today.

Dental sealant is a plastic coating painted on your teeth. It attaches to your child’s teeth, smoothing the rough edges, depressions, and grooves that are typically found on teeth. It gives your child’s teeth a protective coating, helping to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Silver Diamine Fluoride
SDF, or Silver Diamine Fluoride, strengthens teeth while preventing decay. During your child’s visit, it will be applied with a microbrush after their teeth are cleaned of debris and prepared for the treatment.

Dental fillings are used to treat different dental problems like cavities and broken teeth. Teeth are usually filled with a material called composite resin, which is designed to look like natural teeth. Fillings can also be done with gold, porcelain, or silver amalgam.

Exams & X-rays
We truly believe that regular dental examinations are important in order for your child to have good dental health and a smile of which he or she can be proud. We start by doing a professional cleaning, removing all of the bad tartar and other buildup on your child’s teeth.

Tooth extractions can be necessary for many reasons. Some teeth are too diseased to save. There are times when a tooth is too damaged. We might also remove teeth if your child’s mouth is overcrowded.

Pulpal Therapy
There are two different types of pulpal therapy. The first type is a pulpotomy. This is when the pulp root is unaffected by the injury or decay. The dentist may leave the healthy part alone and only remove the affected pulp around the tooth. The second type is a pulpectomy. This is when the tooth has been affected more. Typically, a dentist performs this when the entire tooth, including the root, is infected. The dentist will remove the pulp, cleanse the root canals, and then pack the area with biocompatible material.

Nitrous oxide is a very safe form of sedation. It is inhaled and the effects start within a few seconds. It can be adjusted quickly if a patient is too light or too deep. Also, after a few minutes without the gas, it is safe to drive home. It has very little side effects and hardly any effects on the kidneys, liver, brain, and more.

Non-intravenous Oral Sedation
This prevents pain in a specific part of a child’s mouth. This works by blocking the nerves to that area. We often use a topical anesthesia before using local anesthesia. This helps to numb the area before we inject the local anesthesia. This is most often used for cavities.

IV Sedation
We offer IV sedation that is customized for each child. After discussing your fears, we will be able to find a treatment plan that is just right for your needs. We offer IV sedation as a safe and effective way to give our patients the treatment they need without inducing anxiety.

General Anesthesia at Texas Children’s Hospital
There are times when a child needs more anesthesia for a procedure, whether they are anxious or the procedure is painful. General anesthesia can be used in those cases where a loss of consciousness is required.

Laser Procedures (Gingivectomy, Frenectomy)- Dr. Diaz is certified with Biolase to render laser surgery.
Lasers can be used for many different dental procedures. It is an efficient way to find cavities. It can be used to fill them without the need for anesthesia. It can be used to remold gums that grow up and over a patient’s teeth.

Crowns have a variety of uses. In some cases that require a large filling, there isn’t enough tooth remaining to keep the filling in place. A crown can strengthen the tooth and hold the filling. Crowns can also protect teeth that are weak, or help fix ones that are broken.